Some names are clearly masculine and some are clearly feminine. Some are ambiguous. Does it matter?\n\nOf course some of these people simply moved away and didn't bother to tell your non profit. But given the hatred we sometimes receive, it seems clear that some of these people must be dead due to murder or suicide.\n\nDid this letter get returned by the next renter who knew nothing of the addressee? Was it returned by someone who loved the addressee and is trying to cope with an aftermath?\n\nYou [[mention]] to a few cisgender people that this is a pretty grim task.
You can tell that they don't really understand even though you do your best to explain.\n\nYou remind yourself that what you are doing is good and is not hurting the people named on front of the envelopes. But it makes you want to cry, even days later.
So many names, in so many places. You recognize many of them. Some are in distant cities, but some are from your home town. Some are from your neighborhood and from nearby neighborhoods.\n\nA few are from better neighborhoods, but not many. It would be easy to conclude that transgender people don't tend to have much money.\n\nYou start to become a little uneasy, but you [[persevere]].
You have returned to your favorite non profit to volunteer. After some initial tasks related to the database, you are shown a large amount of returned mail.\n\nContinuing to send these costs scarce money. [[Update]] the database to reflect the returned mail and to spend money efficiently.
A Grim Task
Gina White